Laramie is a third generation cattle rancher and grew up raising registered Charolais cattle. Laramie spent time testing out the commercial market of the Charolais and Angus feeder calves which sprung our interest into the Angus industry. The commercial operation is running strong today to test out successful carcass qualities in our registered cattle. We purchased our first registered Angus heifer from Wooden Shoe Farms in Blackfoot, Idaho in 2012. Following and studying many successful Angus operations, we began purchasing additional heifers and cows and breeding them to top of the line Angus bulls. Recently, Stipe Angus Ranch invested in a large group of Angus cows by purchasing half of 5J Angus’s herd in Ontario, Oregon. 5J Angus, owned and operated by Ron and Barbara Jones, has been breeding high quality Angus cattle for many years. 

Going forward, Stipe Angus Ranch continues to grow in herd size and knowledge. We strive to breed cattle that know how to work in tough terrain like the desert of Eastern Oregon. Stipe Angus Ranch believes the perfect cow is one that has great fleshing ability and high fertility, while also having carcass traits that bring the best meat to the table in the most efficient way possible. While striving for great numbers, we believe you can’t forget to look at the animal as well. Please contact us to learn more. We are happy to help answer any questions you may have, and look forward to working with you!

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